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At Trillium Holding, Dr. Youmni’s track record of delivering projects within budgets and timelines was exemplified by his successful completion and delivery of Palacio, a residential building, Trillium Beirut, a remarkable project featuring two residential towers, and one commercial building. Additionally, Dr. Youmni demonstrated his ability to manage and deliver projects efficiently with V Verdun, a development that comprised a residential building, offices, and retail spaces.

Dr.  Youmni oversaw the development of two projects. The first is Vermelho, a residential building with retail spaces. The second is Isocele, a commercial building that includes offices and retail spaces. Dr. Youmni’s commitment to project management and his meticulous attention to detail will undoubtedly ensure the successful completion of these projects.

In addition to his project management expertise, Dr. Youmni also excelled in the design stage of several notable developments. Notably, he played a vital role in the Arbil Mass City project, an ambitious endeavor encompassing 1,470 villas spread across an expansive 1 million square meters of land in Erbil. Dr. Youmni’s involvement in the design stage phase resulted in successful sales of project shares and adherence to design specifications, ensuring a timely delivery of documents.

Dr. Youmni demonstrated exceptional project management skills and ensured strict adherence to design specifications, as well as the timely delivery of essential documents.

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