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At Emaar the Economic City, Dr. Youmni oversaw the development of several noteworthy projects, ensuring their quality and timely completion. One of these projects was the development of Beach Community BC3, covering an impressive expanse of 280,381 square meters and featuring single-family villa plots. Dr. Youmni’s meticulous management skills ensured the seamless execution of this project. Dr. Youmni also played a pivotal role in the development of the Golf Communities GC3 & GC4, which spanned an expansive area of 527,435 square meters and encompassed single-family villa plots. Dr. Youmni’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results were instrumental in the successful development and completion of these Golf Communities. He also spearheaded the development of Golf Community GC5, GC6 & GC7, as well as the Townhouses Community TH3, which covered an impressive 877,308 square meters and comprised single-family villa plots. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by effectively spearheading and overseeing various crucial aspects of the Royal Greens Golf Course and Clubhouse and Esmeralda Sports Complex. His adept management abilities have allowed him to skillfully navigate and handle all matters pertaining to the development of these prestigious projects.

Dr. Youmni’s expertise was further showcased in the Beach Community BC1 & Beach Community BC2 projects, spanning a vast area of 967,281 square meters. These projects consisted of single-family villa plots and required Dr. Youmni’s diligent management to ensure their successful development and timely completion.

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